lion-familyCamp Olkonoi – olkonoi meaning hyena in Maa language – is special.

Before I bought it in August 2012 I had been a regular visitor for four years. I had become so attached to the place that I wanted to make it my home in Africa.

I have a dream.
I want to make the surroundings of the camp a safe haven for wild animals enabling me to watch and study them from the inside. As I have succeeded attracting wild boars to my home in Sweden I believe I can achieve the same in Massai Mara.

The camp has seven big and two small tents, I certainly do not need them all for myself, so I should like to share them with people who love animals and nature as much as I do and are true adventurers because the camp is not a hotel inside the conservancy like so many others. There are no fences.

The seven big tents are fully equipped with comfortable beds, washing facilities, a shower and a toilet. We keep water in buckets, there is no current water of course.
The two small tents can be used as mobile ones, there is also a mobile shower.

Geburtstag-in-Kenya-381In the big kitchen you find a stove working with gas but we prefer to cook our meals on an open fire. There is plenty of dead fire-wood around the camp. There are two tables and a sink for washing the dishes. Waste is collected in various bins for recycling: glas, metal, plastic, organic for compost, paper to burn.  There is a spacious store with a refrigerator.
We collect rain water in several big tanks, so we always have clean water at the camp.
We produce our own electricity by solar panels enabling us to charge batteries for cameras, mobile phones, solar lights. There are plenty of solar lights around.
The camp is probably the most ecological of all in Mara as I am very thorough concerning handling of waste.
We always have some basic food in our store but there is no service, you buy your own food, cook your own meals just as you like it. We can assist but we shall not interfere. Food and other things can be bought on your way to the camp, there is a small  village (Aitong) quite close where you can get all the basic stuff.

Geburtstag-in-Kenya-175My staff are: Peter, driver-mechanic, who will take you from Nairobi to Massai Mara and drive you around inside the conservancy. He can also get you from the airport when you arrive in Nairobi and take you to a hotel that we can book for you.
Always at the camp there is: Moses, a young Massai who is a good guide and driver, he is married to the only pharmacist in Aitong which can be very convenient!
And there is: his father Baba Moses, a true Massai in the traditional and old-fashioned way.
Peter and Moses speak English fluently, Baba Moses just a few words. I myself speak many languages. Both Moses and his father know the place very well because they grew up there. They know where the animals are and can take you there. Early in the morning and in the evening you can go for a game drive with Peter and Moses, during the day you can go for a walk with the two Massais.

The camp has been standing in this place for over twenty years,  everthing is old, vintage but very stable and reliable.
The tents will stay where they are for many years to come, taken care of by my staff and myself.
There will be constant improvements, like adding more solar equipment and artwork to make the camp look prettier.
As I am around several times per year I might even do some veterinary work at the camp having in mind the big cats.
My speciality in Sweden are cats both domestic and feral.

Like my Massai friends I like to sing and dance and produce my own artwork,
I love to paint, they make beautiful jewelry. We are all fond of bright and shiny colours.
You can find out more about all this on my YouTube channel ”Gabriele Meurer”.

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